See You Next Friday...

Happy Saturday, everyone!

I just got back from a glorious retreat in Morocco. Morocco has such a rich culture. The food and the shopping were divine. Morocco has a beautifully diverse population, people from the Sahara, the Berber people who are descendants of the pre-Arab inhabitants of North Africa, and of course, the French. Even the merchants, who are astute hagglers, have a certain charisma and gentility about them. I was on retreat with one of my beloved teachers, Alison Cramer, whose deep knowledge and reverence for Yoga always shines through. I highly recommend seeking her out.

If the heat is keeping you in Summer mode, enjoy! I am slowly easing my way back into work mode. Luckily, I have tools at my disposal to avoid jet lag. One thing that always works is to trace the energy meridians in your body, starting with the time zone where you are. One of my amazing teachers, Marjorie Fein has a great video on Youtube. If you're ever traveling across time zones, this is a great way to regulate your body clock.  

I wanted to resend the link for the Open House next Friday. I think some people tried to log on and it sent them to the page to customize the event. Oops! Here is the link:

And please feel free to invite any innovative healers, sex therapists, yoga teachers, writing teachers, art therapists, sound healers, and anyone who you think would like to manifest a class and create a following using BHATI as the backdrop.

Have a wonderful day and hope to see you soon!